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LPA PLUS has years of experience providing compliance services for IRPM, ARMA block management members like HML Property Management featured in this LinkedIn case study. So you know you’re in good company. Read all about it!

One of the biggest growths of drone usage has been seen in the conveyancing and estate agent market.

Where access is a problem, aerial drones are becoming the latest ‘essential tool’ for conveyancing surveyor’s and managing agents to capture detailed survey footage from a bird’s eye view. This helps them quickly assess a situation and come up with timely solutions to their clients needs. 

The detailed survey footage recorded by LPA+ give’s you a very clear picture about the condition of a building without the need for scaffolding or heavy equipment to get direct access to areas of the building. Based in London, our trained pilot operators offer drone building surveys across the UK for both commercial and residential buildings.  

We believe drone surveys are a valuable tool and will continue to play a big role in the future of surveying. So for an eye-catching bird’s eye perspective of your land, residential or commercial building call us on 020 3051 1393.

Date: 18/05/2022 Client: The HML Group

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